Facial Recognition as a Service

FRaaS Algorithm

Core Technology Highlights

  • 1. Proprietary Neural Networks trained on one of the world's largest datasets
  • Our networks are designed to be accurate AND fast

  • 2. Proprietary AI modules from preprocessing to face comparison
  • Our facial recognition system contains many AI modules, each trained for its own purpose

  • 3. Designed for real life implementation
  • Works for different angles, different lighting conditions and partially covered faces

Distributed System Features


Distributed System

Separation algorithms and applications, algorithm scheduling clusters provide a unified interface for the application layer

Provide the ability of algorithm distributed collaborative scheduling calculation

Provides algorithm scheduling equalization and data peak clipping, thus addressing the processing delay from the uneven server pressures caused by traffic peaks and valleys, achieving cluster-wide processing equilibrium

Provide network transmission equalization capability to avoid delay caused by excessive load on single-machine network

Provide file storage balance, avoid cluster instability caused by single-machine hard disk load

Provide a cluster to serve multiple applications simultaneously


Facial Recognition as a Service (FRaaS)




1. We accept all major formats of videos (e.g. RTSP, HTTP video/stream) and images as inputs

2. We provide instant recognition results ( < 0.6 second for 1 million registered unique face library)

3. Developer-friendly API to help enable your product with facial recognition capability

4. Websocket supports real-time and non-blocking async process flow


What makes us different?

Best real-world performance

Designed and built to handle real-world challenges: state-of-art built-in pre-processing modules automatically adjusts motion blur, bad image angle, and normalizes partially-covered faces.

Facial Recognition as a Service (FRaaS)

Real-time and High Throughput: our algorithm delivers the fastest search speed in industry, with < 0.6 second search time in ~ 1 million registered unique-face library.

Easy implementation

Easy implementation - let us do the heavy-lifting: AIH offers API endpoint that takes a direct video stream as input. No more writing your own decoder and middleware, and spend on bandwidth and servers for that.

Standardized privacy protection

Data privacy and security - the peace of mind you deserve: You are 100% in control of you own data. Our facial recognition algorithm never stores any image, it only stores the feature set generated from the face features in hashcodes, which can never be converted back to raw image.

Best of the two worlds: Scalability AND Privacy

Host your own facial recognition on private cloud - flexibility you need: we offer the maximum level of privacy and security, by hosting your facial recognition service on premise, or in your own data center, on your own terms. You benefit not only from the significantly lower hardware cost, and also the incredible scalability enabled by our distributed-cluster system architecture.

Cost-effectiveness unmatched

Cost-effectiveness unmatched by available facial recognition solutions on the market: We are on average 3Xs more affordable than the prevailing market rate. We are flexible in delivering robust facial recognition services depending on the client needs - we offer both cloud-based or on-prem solutions.

 Performance and cost effectiveness unmatched

AI computer vision algorithm ready to handle real-world edge cases



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