AIH Tech has made significant breakthroughs in minimizing racial biasness in AI and will continue to take on responsibility for ethical application of AI.

AIH Tech is a Canadian-based computer vision company with deep expertise in applying machine learning breakthroughs to solve biggest challenges facing the AI industry, expecially in closing the gaps on demographic inclusivity. We pride ourselves in developing ethical and responsible applications of facial recognition, to help organizations save time, money and lives, in ways that are respectful of privacy. Our FRaaS API is a trusted partner solution on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and IBM Cloud Marketplace.

Industry-Leading Recognition Accuracy and Racial Inclusiveness


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We Help You Build Custom Facial Recognition-Enabled Solutions

Make visual contents searchable

Are you maintaining a large storage of visual data? FRaaS™ enables you to easily search faces in image & video contents at scale.

Simplifying digital ID verification

FRaaS™ empowers scalable authentication workflows for automating payment process & other ID verification applications.

Addressing security & public safety challenges

Use FRaaS™ to build apps for security & public safety. By searching for their faces against a database of missing persons, you can quickly spot potential matches & accelerate a rescue operation.

Real-time video Watchlist Monitoring

FRaaS™ enables you to effectively know your Watchlist individuals in real-time video streams.

Automating workforce & student management

Using FRaaS™ for attendance management to reduce time lag & increase the day to day productivity.

Easy-to-integrate API

Easily integrate our FRaaS API with your application

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