Realtime Site Monitoring


Highlight Features

Site Monitoring System with Suspects Warning

  • Easy implementation
  • Let us do the heavy-lifting: AIH offers API endpoint that takes a direct video stream as input. No more writing your own decoder and middleware, and spend on bandwidth and servers for that.

  • The most competitive pricing
  • We got you covered : AIH is 30% more cost-efficiency thanks to our cutting-edge hardware optimization, and we bring that to our price. You spend up to 50% less with us, while maintaining the same if not better facial recognition service quality.

  • Data privacy and security
  • The peace of mind: You are the 100% owner of you own data. Besides, our facial recognition algorithm never stores the image, it only stores the feature set generated from the face features in hashcodes, which can never be converted back to raw image.

  • Host your own facial recognition
  • Flexibility you need: AIH offers the maximum level of privacy and security, by hosting your facial recognition service on premise, or on your own datacenter.


AIH is the only one that supports the setup of your own private cloud of facial recognition service in the industry. You benefit not only from the 30% lower hardware cost, and also the incredible scalability enabled by our distributed-cluster system architecture.

Performance and cost-effectiveness unmatched

Face matching results can be reviewed on control monitor under history menu


Application Scenarios

  • Senior Wandering prevention
  • Factory safety management
  • Warehouse safety management
  • Store Robbery & Shoplifting prevention


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